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These are some Dobermann resources

General Sites:  The ultimate European Dobermann website, with lots of useful information and presentations. Here you can even see many of our dobermanns' parents and pedigrees.
WWW.THE-DOBERMANN.COM - ANOTHER EXCELLENT SITE DEDICATED TO EUROPEAN DOBERMANN   Another interesting site with an international gallery   Doberman Pinscher Club of America. Though we are ore keen on the European type, this website offers much information
and resources on the breed.  -  very imformative and interesting site. please check it out!
Nutritional Advise -

We use WISHBONE MEATLOVERS dry food as the basis of our dogs' diet. For more info, please go to


please sign this online petition to stop the slaughter and torture of thousands of greyhounds in Spain! there is an English version. go to

Everybody Loves A Dobermann!

Some Dobermann Kennels and Sites
TAHI-REME KENNEL, HUNGARY  - home of some of the finest dobermanns like Giniti, Ibiza and where our own Debby comes from.
GAINDYKE -  Lynn Glass, John Hull,  - our good friends and great dobermann folks
GRUSHOLM - Denmark. Top kennel for work and show, and true dobermann lovers. - The Indonesian Kennel of Von Dockermann. Home of Gitana and Gerommy, proudly owned and loved by our friend William   ok, not dobermann, but some of the best Golden Retrievers around. Proudly owned by our friend Jonathan Choo. Maybe one day we will 'convert' him to the Black Side!!
ARMANI DENTE DEL GIGANTE - One of the best males in Europe!
Visit our good friend and his kennel at
Teraline Kennel, excellent breeding and dogs, owned by wonderful dobermann friend and judge, Natalia Forkht. Please have a look and say hello.
Vam Neerlands Stamm Kennel. Mr Han V D Zwan is also a friend and supporter  -  'van Olympiastaete'    very nice dutch breeding and dogs
GERMANY   From the land of our dog, the working dobermann. great website, great people.   SAY HELLO TO NORBERT AND FANTASTIC DOBERMANNS AT EL ZORAB KENNEL
England / Thailand:     Say hello to Hillary and Roger, our good friends who are now in Phuket, Thailand!!
very nice brreding and dogs of high quality. have a look a their nice website. Read their letter of dog to his master.
Haus Di Gotterberg - very interesting website, lok at their trip to Apolda, where Herr Dobermann was from.
LATVIA  GEM GIVVEEON  SAY HELLO TO JELENA AND ONE OF THE EBST KENNELS IN EUROPE  - LIVONIJA KENNEL. Posssible some of the best Dobermanns in the world. Lokk at the mighty H litter!
Russia:   - Irinland Kennel, and dobermann magazine  - Sant Kreal Kennel, one of our favourites  - De Grande Vinko, Crimea  Slavnoi Stai, where the amazing great 'T' litter was from!
Italy:  Del Diamante Nero Kennel, Massimo and Elva Santini, great friends of the Dobermann  Home of Romeo's Juliet!
Campovalano Kennel, one of the very best in the world. Mr Prosperi, Breeder of 'Grand Cane'  Gamon Campovalano
Greece:   our good friends in Greece and Indonesia! Say Hi to them!!
BELGIUM   Dagmar's website. Very nice breeding
POLAND   Please look at this great website  Great website of Dominila and Massima
DENMARK:  - Gail's dobermanns, very nice and wonderful
NORWAY  Please look here for fine dogs
USA:    Adlercrest Kennels  Marienburg Kennels - American Dobie Pinschers with good substance and elegance 
Hungary:   Tahi Reme Kennel
Yugoslavia:   Masterhof Kennel. Home of Master Max of Djarmati...a super dobie!
Also, do visit our friends at  a wonderful website of German Sherperd Dogs!
Help us add in more of your favorite kennels!

Clubs and Associations

Singapore Kennel Club -
Klub Dobermann Indonesia
DV - Dobermann Verein Germany
AIAD Associazione Italiana Amatori Dobermann - Italy
DVIN Dobermann Verein Netherland, Holland -
Singapore Sites of Interest:

International Dobermann Kennels

  "Altobello" (Yu) 
"Alpha Nordic Dobermanns" (Norway)
"Armageddon Star" (DK)
"Ascomannis " (DK)
"Von Asgard" (USA)
"Barking Stars" (Gr)
"Betelges Kennels" (YU)
"Von der Bavarienburg" (USA)
"Black Ballerina Dobermann's"(DK) 
"Von Bolcanstern Kennel" (F) 
"Briska's Kennel"(S) 
"Campagnanensis" (I)
"Casa di Oro" (Ru)
"CARA Dobermans" (USA) 
"Cardosos Dharma Dobermans" (Pt) 
"Casa Di OZ" (YU) 
"Cedarhof Dobermanns" (USA) 
"Clinics" (SF) 
"Cobra Kennel" (Yu) 
"Come as you are" (Yu) 
"Covalta" (E) 
"Dark Chief Kennel" (S)
"Destiny's Phoenix Kennel"
"Di Casa Shirak" (A) 
"Di Matario" (A) 
"Di Monaco Dobermann's" (Brazil) 
"Di Ravallese" (CAN) 
"Diamante Nero" (It)
"Dobermanns Dionisis Avgoustidis (Gr)
"Dobermondial" (It) 
"Dobfancier's" (S) 
"Dobermann-Nytt" (S)
"dei Dohse" (USA) 
"Domena" (PL) 
"vom Drachen Wald" (I) 
"Du Sanctuaire des Erinnyes" (F) 
"Elite House" (PL)
"El-Sa-Bo" (PL) 
"von Falkenfeld Dobermanns" (USA) 
"Fantahausen Dobermanns" (USA) 
"Fresco Dobermanns" (S) 
"vom Freyenter Wald" (B) 
"From the Dobergang" (NL)
"d' Gagnant" (Bosn. & Hercgvn.) 
"Gaindyke Dobermanns" (Scotland) 
"Gem' Givveeon" (Latvia) 
"Haus di Götterberg" (Brasil) 
"Vom Haus Traumgreifen Dobermanns" (USA) 
"vom Haus Vanderfecht" (A) 
"von Höllen Tiefe " (US)
"van Hof ter Eeckhout " (B)
"von Jahrestal Kennel " (Slovenia)
"Jerry Doberman's " Mexico
"KEN-TI'S Dobermann" (B) 
"Kriegerhof" (SF) 
"Lancillotto" (Hu) 
"Landgraf" (USA) 
"Lantan" (PL) 
"Legend F.E.V." (Gr) 
"Leidenschaft Kennels-Dobermanns and Giant Schnauzers" (CAN) 
"Les Deux Peupliers (NL) 
"Liinos Kennel" (Fin)
"Masterhof Kennel" (Yu) 
"Nobilitatis" (Portugal) 
"Nokomis" (S) 
"Of Tanderberg" (YU)
"Of the Two Roses" (NL) 
"Origo Stamm's" (S) 
"Opus Meum" (A)
"d' Ovilava" (A)
"O'zone Dobermanns and Dalmatians" (Fin) 
"Dobermanns de Pertierra" (E) 
"Z Padoku" (PL) 
"Van Palmerswaard" (NL) 
"Perfekt" (PL) 
"Des Portes d' Armor" (F)
"Ramonburg's" (B) 
"Von Räuberstolz" (F) 
"De Rizzi Dobermanns" (E) 
"Vom Rotdornweg" (Brazil) 
"de Rouge-Sang" (F) 
"de Rovira" (Pt) 
"Von Ryan's Luxus" (CA) 
"Santa Julf" (RU)
"vom Schmiedrudwalde " (CH)
"SouthernBell" (South Africa) 
"Sutherland's" kennel (S)
"Svarte Diamant" (No)
"Tahi-Reme" (H) 
"de Terra Quercus" (HR) 
"Toscanina's Dobermanns" (SF) 
"vom Tschirgantblick" (A) 
"Twin-Q's!" (S) 
"de l'Ultrachien" (F) 
"Vigo" (PL)   
"van het Wantij" (NL)
"West Point Dobermanns " (USA) 
"van de Wieteke's Hoeve" (B)
"Zemic's" Kennel (S)

Dobermann.. dont leave home without one~!

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