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Dobie Stuff
Thursday, 19 January 2006
Dear Dog friends all over the world,

Twelve dogbreeds in Switzerland need your help, urgently!

On December 1st 2005 , a tragic accident occurred in Switzerland. A 7 year old boy got attacked and killed by three run away Pitbulls, when he was on his way home from kindergarten. The Pitbulls were held under very poor conditions. Apparently locked up in a cellar for about 10 months and brought to Switzerland from abroad short before this tragic accident. The dogs were intended to be sold in Switzerland.

These facts seem to be of no interest, least of all for our politicians! It becomes public now to forbid potentially dangerous dogs in Switzerland – and among these dogs, unfortunately, is named again and again the Dobermann. It remains unnoticed that statistics and facts from foreign and Swiss experts proof that the Dobermann bites rather infrequently than many other dog breeds.

A week ago, the canton of Valais enacted a ban for 12 dog breeds, starting on the first of January 2006. These are the breeds:

Pitbull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bullterrier, Bullterrier, Dobermann, Argentijnse Dog, Fila Brasileiro, Rottweiler, Mastiff, Mastin Espagnol, Mastino Napolitano en Tosa.

Whole Switzerland is in motion. The responsible politician and the tourist offices of the canton of Valais receive abundant e-mails regarding this prohibition.

Now we entreat you to help us. Please write to Mr. Burgener. He should remark that those Dogs are international recognized and established dog breeds. Mr. Burgener retains, that all owners of such breeds are criminal and of rather moderate intelligence.

Put pressure on the tourist offices! The canton of Valais lives from the tourism and thinks that special allowances for tourists with dangerous dogs will do the necessary! More information you can find on the website of the Swiss Dobermann Club:

Those dogs/breeds in Switzerland must live!

We would be grateful for your support!

Please sign the online petition on on the DVIN-website:

The petition is in German language.

We will personally take care that the Swiss Dobermann Club will recieve all signed petitions. Over 3.500 persons already signed this petition but we need many many more.

Posted by sgdobermann at 6:05 PM WST
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SKC 21st Open Show 15 January 2006
Dear Dobermann Friends

We had registered our dobermanns and those of our good friends to participate in this Open Show, organized by the Singapore Kennel Club. This show was sponsored by Eagle Pack and The Puppy Shop, a local pet shop.

However, we were dismayed and shocked to learn that the sponsor was allowed to exhibit and participate their dogs. Whenw e requested an explanation, we were told by SKC that the sponsor could participate but not handle their dogs.

For us, there is no difference. A show sponsor or judge should not be participating in their own show. It is a very obvious conflivt of interest and unethical. Did the sponsor seek to win his own prizes? Where is the sportmanship and fairness? Likewise, we dont agree with judges being allowed to exhibit their own dogs in the show too.

Thus, we withdrew our Dobermanns in protest. We respect our breed's nobility and stature, and do not need to be part of such events.

Posted by sgdobermann at 5:42 PM WST
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Tuesday, 20 December 2005
Visit to Outriger Kennel Dec 2005
We went to visit our good friends at the Outriger Kennel, located in the mountains of Puncak a few hours drive from Jakarta. There we also attended the Dobermann of the Year 2005 Show and Multi Breed Exhibition Show.

The judge was Mr Karl Raissinger, who is the Vice President of the FCI and also President of the Austrian Dobermann Club. We had a nice talk with him, and he wa simpressed with some of our dogs. Most importantly, he said Asia needs more people like us, to promote and advance the European Dobermann. That certainly made our day!

At the same time, we had a nice time visiting our new litters there, as well as checking up on our favorite dogs like Igor Medinao, Fiona, Onyx and many others.

Congrats to our good friend WILLIAM on his wedding, and wishing him much success in the future.

Posted by sgdobermann at 12:01 AM WST
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Wednesday, 9 November 2005
Hi everyone. We had a fun time at the show, and learned lots from our good friend and supporter, Mr Dedy Tjahjono. He flew into Singapore to help handle our dogs, give advise and also meet everyone.

However, it just was not our day. The judges were both Australian, and unfamiliar with our continental dobermanns. However, Charlo got his male C.C., and Attila did very well as Best Yearling in Group. She just narrowly missed out in Best Yearling in Show. She was just so elegant and moved very well.

She's only 12 mths, in her first show, and we are all so proud of her. She has lots of grwoing to do, and will develop into a real power packed darling! And Most importantly, we all had a great time, and met up lotsa regular and new folks.

Congrats to Ms Tong Sue Lyn, and Dr Arnold Tan for their BIS wins.

Posted by sgdobermann at 12:11 PM WST
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Friday, 30 September 2005
Gilda finishes her Championship!
Last Sunday was a major Dobermann show in Jakarta and the judge was Mr. Meijer from Holland and Supar was his assistant for that show. The BOB in that show was Eva Von Forest.

Our Gilda Von Heisenberg was given winner bitch.Gilda already finish her champion title in that show!!

Mr.Meijer said Gilda lost from eva because age problem: that Eva was more mature than Gilda in that show. He's very suprise because after the show Dr. Andi told him that Supar was the breeder of Gilda.

In his opinion Gilda will became excellent show dog
in the future.Mr. Meijer told Supar to repeat Gilda litter and he want to buy the puppies if the puppies have same quality
with Gilda litter.

He want to show the dog in europe.

Posted by sgdobermann at 9:48 AM JST
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Monday, 5 September 2005



Posted by sgdobermann at 8:58 AM JST
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Thursday, 1 September 2005


Hi everyone
We are sure everyone of you must have read in the Straits Times Singapore about the poor Alaskan Malamute that died a painful death from heat stroke,with blood and foam oozing out from his mouth. The owner for his extreme and wilful act of cruelty was fined only $3000

Do you think $3000 could equate to the suffering and anguish suffered by this halpless creature for god knows how long before death relieved him
from his agony ?

We think it is grossly inadequate and only goes to show how lightly animal abusers escape from their crimes. If you think his sentence should be increased to include a jail term, please sign this petition started by one of the volunteers

The URL is at:

Speak for those that have no voice, because they have no choice ...

Posted by sgdobermann at 4:40 PM JST
Updated: Thursday, 1 September 2005 4:42 PM JST
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Tuesday, 23 August 2005
KDI Nationals - Dobermann Show 28 August
We're going down to Surabaya, Indonesia this week to attend the Klub Dobermann Indonesia Nationals.

Its on Sunday 28 August 2005. The judge is none other than Mr Han V D Zwan! He is present owner of Van Neerlands Stamm Kennel, and author of various Dobermann books and histories. He is also one of the most respected judges and breeders, and this is great opportunity to see him.

In fact, we are going to meet him both personally and also in his presentation on breeding, given after the show.

Mr Zwan will also be bringing me copies of his book 'In the Beginning.. A History of the Dobermann' [3rd Edition]. He has agreed to sign them for us!

We hope to have a great show there, and are grateful to the KDI Java, Han Zwan and all others for this opportunity.

Posted by sgdobermann at 1:54 PM JST
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Hi All! Thanks for visiting our site, and we really hope you'll come back for more. As you can appreciate, we're nuts about Dobies, and simply wanna let the world know how wonderful they are!

We're happy to meet anyone out there with a passion for the breed, and even its crosses! Do write, send us a pic, arrange to meet - anything! Dobies are like peanuts - you cant stop at one...And when you live with one, you will be spoiled for life!

Thanks again for coming here, and we do wish you a pelasant stay. We shall update the site as often as we can, and will add more pics and info on our favourite 4 legged pals!

Posted by sgdobermann at 1:48 PM JST
Updated: Tuesday, 23 August 2005 11:48 PM JST
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